Trials Riders

  • Big Rocks and Lots of Steps
  • Obstacles are Situated Conveniently, Immediately Adjacent to the Cabin.   
  • Sandy Soil Between the Boulders.  Drains Well and isn’t Overly Slippery When Wet 

Our rocky terrain is a trials rider’s paradise.  While much of it is undeveloped at this time, we are anxious to begin work on this immediately.  Our mountaintop village, “The Roost” is literally perched at the edge of a cliff with several safe lines up and down.  We also have several nice boulder gardens surrounding our village.

Graham Jarvis, before entering the world of Hard Enduro and Extreme Harescrambles, had risen to #4 in World Trials ranking before retiring from the sport.  Graham spent 4 days with us during a riding school at Mt. Moto in October of 2014, riding his Husqvarna TE300 as if he were on a Sherco or Montesa trials machine.  We were already planning to incorporate trials here, and watching his mastery of trials techniques fueled the fire.  It was truly amazing.  He gave us lots of advice while he was here, and one of the things he suggested was reaching out to the trials guys.

We encourage trials enthusiasts and club representatives to contact us, and help guide us in developing the terrain here to meet your needs.  We are open to ideas, so if you or your club is interested in holding an event here then please get in touch.