Primitive Camping Reservation

No utilities. Camping is $15 per site per night (with fees & taxes $16.54 total). Two tents allowed per site. One RV, One Camper Trailer, or One Box Trailer per site.

Garbage Policy: We kindly ask that you keep a tidy camp and manage your garbage. Please take all of your garbage with you when you return home. We do not offer garbage collection or disposal service. A thick and sturdy contractor bag will do the trick.

Campfires: NO IDIVIDUAL CAMPFIRES. We will provide one community fire pit and firewood. We realize that everyone loves a nice fire while camping, but we must be vigilant in our efforts to prevent wildfires.

Disclaimer: by checking the box below, I acknowledge that I have read and understand the Membership Page, as well as the Rules and Requirements for Members. I accept the terms and conditions listed, and as a member I will adhere to the standards and rules that I have been asked to follow.


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