Lodging @ Mt. Motorcycles

  • Conveniently located.
  • Cabins are trailside, except for one street-side unit
  • Minimalistic and rustic
  • Affordable
  • Meals Included 

Since we first started discussing ideas about our lodging at Mt. Motorcycles, we all agreed that it has to fit the part.  In our opinion, the mountain top lodge we refer to as “The Roost” blends perfectly with the natural surroundings.  It’s the perfect spot to base your ride through the Appalachian Mountains.  So many visitors have said "it just doesn’t get any better than this."

The Roost sleeps 8 and has an observation deck overlooking The Zenith Gap and Peters Mountain.  Military jets fly this valley nearly every day, as part of a long-established training pattern.  It’s a real treat to see them go by… and another item on the list of “wow factors” here.  It is uncommon to see more than 2 or 3 in a day, so noise is never an issue.

The main cabin and deck is connected by an elevated walkway to the bath/shower house.  Although The Roost is completely off the grid, we do have running water, flushing toilet, hot showers, and electricity via cisterns and generator.

The Roost Pricing

The Roost is trailside, and situated inside our Hare-X training circuit. 

The unit is available for $249 per night, plus tax.  Weekend reservations begin Friday at 5 pm, and end Sunday at 8 pm. 

Two night minimum reservation required on weekends.

Sleeps 8. 

Showers, Modern Bathroom, Grill, Microwave, Observation Deck. 

Includes a camp host onsite to assist you during your stay.


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Dual Sport and ADV riders may also reserve The Roost on weekdays! Priced per person at only $29 per night, plus tax. Reservation required. Weekday check in is between 4-7 pm and checkout is 2 pm the following day. No minimum reservations required. All trails are closed on weekdays, except for The Main Vein Trail, which provides access. But our 3 National Forests will still be open! The Jefferson is only a couple of miles away, and is visible from the deck.


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tiny cabin

Tiny Cabins

Primitive and Tiny A-Frame cabins are being built along the trails, and we currently have one unit available. These tiny dry cabins sleep 2, and are located just a few feet from trail. Do not have any utilities, but are very clean and comfortable. Currently priced at $19 per person per night.  Wake up, enjoy your breakfast, and go.  Available to all members on the weekends, and to Dual-Sport/ADV riders throughout the week while riding off property. Our trails are closed on weekdays. No minimum reservations, but reservations are required.


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Primitive Camping

No utilities

Camping is $15 per site per night.

Two tents allowed per site.

One RV, One Camper Trailer, or One Box Trailer per site.

Garbage Policy: We kindly ask that you keep a tidy camp and manage your garbage. Please take all of your garbage with you when you return home. We do not offer garbage collection or disposal service. A thick and sturdy contractor bag will do the trick.

Campfires: NO IDIVIDUAL CAMPFIRES. We will provide one community fire pit and firewood. We realize that everyone loves a nice fire while camping, but we must be vigilant in our efforts to prevent wildfires.

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