Enduro Riders

  • Support Staff On Site
  • Trailside Lodging
  • Graham Jarvis Tested and Approved!!!
  • Controlled Training Environment
  • Hare-X:  A 2 Mile Training Circuit
  • 15 Miles of One-Way Single Track 
  • No Need for Confusing Maps, Just Ride!!!
  • No ATVS
  • Variety of Obstacles, Difficulty, and Terrain

The terrain at Mt Motorcycles is perfect for single track enthusiasts who seek a variety of challenges and soil types.  We currently have 15 miles of trail, ranging from fast and flowy to extremely tight and technical.  Long and steep down hills, challenging climbs, pine forests, hardwood forests, ridges and valleys, rock gardens, logs, and our original Hare-X Course.  Hare-X is our spin on endurocross.  It’s a challenging 2-mile blend of tight and busy harescramble trail, motocross, and typical endurocross terrain with man-made obstacles.

When we think of a typical endurocross track, we think of a supercross type layout with a small footprint, with challenging manmade obstacles.  Endurocross was designed as a spectator sport with the entire field of riders in view at all times. It is usually confined to a small space for that reason.  That is not at all what our Hare-X course is.  Our version sprawls across 69 acres, and unlike EX it employs tight and busy single track trail to accompany the motocross portion and manmade obstacles. 

Hare-X was designed and built to be a training tool.  The layout looks nothing like supercross and very similar to a harescramble course, so we felt the need to come up with an original name for it.  One that accurately describes what it truly is.   And make no mistake, Hare-X will kick your butt, no matter what your skill level is!  Some struggle to get through it, some have no problems, and many can’t make it though at all…but even AA and pro level riders are challenged when the stopwatch comes out.  We quickly noticed that Hare-X rewards a smooth riding style, proper line choice (looking ahead), and a certain level of restraint…all of which are very important aspects of efficient woods riding.

We put our hearts and souls into our single track, and have earned a nice reputation among racers and trail enthusiasts alike. We don’t expect you to take our word for it, so we took the liberty to share a few words from others we’ve had the pleasure of riding with.  Please check out our TESTIMONIALS page to find out what others think about our trails and our vision.  There you can read posts from the VCHSS (Virginia Championship Hare Scrambles) forum, as well as some words of support from our friends.  They sum us up very well…at least we like to think so!