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"You could have a nice hard enduro here, couldn't you?" -Graham Jarvis

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AMA Legend Jason Raines offered this recommendation:

 To whom it may concern:

I am writing this letter concerning Travis Jackson's representation, professionalism and excitement for our industry and his ability to run a successful off-road park.

A little background on myself and my credibility: I have been riding motorcycles since I was 4 years old and am originally from Washington State. I moved back east to pursue my career as a professional motorcycle rider in 1999. I now reside in South Carolina and have been racing professionally for 11 years. During those 11 years I have been able to win 6 National Championships, win 40 AMA National Races, receive 2 Gold medals in the International Six Days Enduro, raced in almost every state in the U.S.A, raced in numerous foreign countries and have been at the top of the sport. I am currently a rider for the Am-Pro Racing Yamaha team and also run a riding school. During all of this the memories created through racing, riding and time with my family are irrepylaceable. Motorcycles have kept me out of a lot of trouble throughout the years and made me understand and realize with hard work and dedication you can accomplish anything you set out to do. I believe all families should be able to experience the fun and experiences riding can bring, but with so many land use issues it is tough for people to find places to ride. We need to have more places for people to be able to go ride and have fun. To see my entire bio, please visit www.rainesracing.com

After being to numerous off-road parks, I feel there is a definite need for a "sport" park in the Mid-Atlantic portion of the USA. West Virginia a hot bed for all forms of riders and will be utilized by many people of all ages and genders throughout the year.  Having an off-road park is a great thing for racers, families and friends looking to get away for the weekend and enjoy their passion. It is a great opportunity for the community too, it will bring revenue into local markets as well as give the community something to promote, and it is a win/win for the park and the community.

Demographically I believe West Virginia is perfect, it is close for people from many different states to come and ride. Many enthusiasts in surrounding areas have no place to ride, so once they know about a park they can go to, they will be excited about the opportunity to ride somewhere that is safe and fun.

In my opinion, Travis is the perfect guy for the job. Not only does he have the experience to handle the workload of developing a new park, he has the enthusiasm and almost more importantly he loves the sport. If you have someone that doesn’t have the heart and not knowing how to provide for the riders, the park will never work. Travis has the ability to build something for everyone. From your expert riders that need trails to challenge them to families and novices that need easy trails he has the experience to provide them what they are in search of. Travis has a love for WV and his hard work and dedication to make this park work will be unmatched by anyone I know.

I would also like to offer my help with the park. I would love to be a part of the park and endorse it through my racing and training business. I am around your target market each and every day and would have the ability to accelerate your rider numbers. I have connections throughout the industry and access to enormous mailing lists that we could utilize to get the word out in the market. I believe I could be an asset to the parks success and it would be a great opportunity for the both of us if we work together.

Thank you for your time, and if there is anything else I can do to help in the future, or if you have any questions, feel free to contact me.

Jason Raines




JC Hilderbrand
1904 Sky Park Drive
Motorcycle USA, LLC
Medford, Oregon 97504


February 8, 2010

To Whom it May Concern:

This letter is in regards to the West Virginia ATV community, Travis Jackson and his role in that enthusiast network. I had the pleasure of meeting Travis during a trip to the Burning Rock Off-Road Park for a travel article in MotoUSA Magazine. In charge of the ground operations and day-to-day site management, Travis was tasked with introducing us to the East Coast ATV scene. He was a gracious host and impressed me with his ability to showcase the facility. His efforts clearly made a large and positive influence in regards to safety, usability and ensuring ride quality – all of which were reflected in our experience and subsequent magazine feature.

Travis continued to express his desire for improving off-road opportunities in WV by visiting our headquarters in Southern Oregon. He was anxious to learn new trail maintenance and restoration techniques, as well as to gain additional insight into the wide-ranging governmental issues that hinder our sport. He spent a week networking with local clubs and individuals active in politics on multiple levels.

The off-road community and culture on the East Coast is very important and influential. Our sister company, Motorcycle Superstore, which is the largest online retail outlet for motorcycle accessories, recently expanded operations with a new warehouse in Kentucky. This move was a direct result of the necessity to better serve East Coast riders, who are the largest demographic of our customer base. West Virginia is a central location for those riders and ripe for increased numbers of sports parks, competition and recreational outlets. Not only is it geographically convenient, but the terrain is absolutely terrific. I was very pleased with the quality of trails and beautiful vistas. There are opportunities for riders of all skill and the seasonal weather patterns make for varying riding conditions year-round.  Combined with the state’s aggressive commitment to tourism and a shrinking number of riding areas in general, it’s no wonder West Virginia is ATV and motorcycle paradise.

Coming from the stringent West Coast, finding a place like West Virginia where ATVs and motorcycles are so welcome was a complete reversal of what I am accustomed to. I was immediately excited by the possibilities available in such an environment, but the key to preserving that positive climate is proactive management. This requires dedicated and informed leaders to help promote the sport in a responsible manner. Travis is that type of person thanks to his personal investment, passion and knowledge of legislative processes.

I highly recommend Travis Jackson for any position regarding off-road recreation stewardship. Please contact me directly if I can be of any assistance.


JC Hilderbrand
Off-Road Editor



From The VCHSS Forum:

"My hats off to The Mountain Man Harescramble folks!! That was the best course i have EVER raced on period!!..

it was 10 miles of the most technical off road heaven you can dream of..it was like parts of the 199 trail in hatfield mccoy ..there were no fire roads..all single track ..monster hills..rock staircases ..a small enduro cross track( no tires or crazy stuff..just logs,jumps..rocks)..the trail flowed up one mountain down the next..off cambers were very technical..if you finished the race you did good!!…at the end of the race you were met by several folks with water..beer..food..live music ..what more could you ask for..I saw Brad Bakken there ..i believe his chain guide snapped off thus ruining his day early..Ryan Wall was there..Travis Jones took top spot ..CONGRATS TRAVIS!!..Randall Ellison made his race comeback after acl surgery and finished strong in the top 10 in overall..

I was behind Randall so i was happy  ..i saw Walt Kidd on his GASGAS He finished well!..it was a tough race ..but the temps were cool..some morning showers made the course perfect..no dust!! the only negative is there was not a big turnout..the word needs to get out about these events..they are fantastic!! Randall, Travis and myself all were saying it was the best course ever !!..if there is another mountain man challenge i would not miss it!!"

Rickey Peters, Madison Heights, VA
VCHSS 2012 48+A Champion and Promoter of The Star City Classic at Riversedge Harescramble- Virginia Championship Hare Scrambles Series



"Well I've thought over the last 23 years of doing this ...in nj,pa,de,oh.wv,va,nc,sc,and ga. And I gotta say this was the best and most fun race I've ever done.

The extreme sections were...rather tough and I gotta say the two big logs in the enduro cross section kicked my butt nearly every lap.

And the down hills....wow... One of them was hundreds of yards long and so steep there was no way to stop and hardly any control.....just a nice long slide and glide to the bottom.

The rest of the course was NEW fun flowing single track sweet stuff.  I'll be back"

Randall Ellison, Troutville, VA
2012 40+A Champion



"Agree completely with the above comments. If you appreciate challenging technical riding and want to test your skills, this was the race for you. Even the flowing sections kept you on your toes (in a good way). The best race course I've done. I can't remember one section of that course that qualified as "filler" (just added in to increase the mileage...boring). The whole thing was simply fun. Rides like that hooked me on dirtbiking. If Travis Jackson puts on another Mountain Man event....I'll take vacation to not miss it! In fact, when a spot comes open for another promoter for a VCHSS race, THIS IS THE GUY WE NEED TO PROMOTE A SERIES RACE! His race locations are just over the border into WV and as close as anything we drive to in the current schedule."

Walter Kidd, Gordonsville, VA
2013 VCHSS 30+B 4th Place



February 3rd, 2010

RE: Travis Jackson

To Whom It May Concern:

As a long time motorcycle racer and rider, I am sending you a letter to describe my reaction to his work and visionary abilities.  You may feel free to use my name and comments with any efforts that you desire in your work with Travis. In my opinion, Travis brings a rare gift to the world of off-road racing, riding and park management.  He quickly gained our trust and was sincerely interested in the rider’s opinions and comments.  Travis has a vision for an off-road park that will be the best in West Virginia, and the country, and we are confident he can achieve these goals.  Having known Travis we believe he has the necessary skills and initiative to operate and manage a world-class facility. Please call me if you need any other information.

Warm regards,

Gary Davis
Clintonville, West Virginia



To Whom It May Concern,

I am writing this letter as endorsement for Travis Jackson in his pursuit of creating one of the “Best dirt bike and sports quad recreational facilities in the Mid Atlantic Region”.   I give this endorsement not only for myself, but on behalf of the Dirt bike/ATV Club I am currently President.

We first met Travis on one of our trips to Burning Rock.  It was clear from the start that Travis had a great deal of passion for his sport, but also Travis exhibited a presence of leadership and most importantly hospitality.  I was overwhelmed when Travis took a group of us on a personal tour of some single track he had just recently made. To me that showed me two things, he was proud of the product he was putting on display (deservedly so because it was some of the best single track I’ve ridden), and his recognition of a product vacancy missing at Burning Rock (before Travis there really was no single track at Burning Rock).  He recognized that more dirt bike riders would come to his park when given a place to ride that wasn’t shared with ATVs.  It was clear in our early conversations that Travis had a dream of what he wanted to create, and over time he was making that dream a reality.  He would come sit by our camp fire, and discuss what we thought about what he had done with the trails.  To do that is one thing, but to do it after he had worked a 10 hr day is another. It showed me his dedication to his dream, and that he was a very hard worker.

According to Travis, the location for this recreational facility would be in a very optimal location.   I say this because I live in Virginia, and there are very few locations we can ride outside of a friend’s farm.  Our club made several trips to West Virginia to ride this year, and are planning many more.  We are not alone!  Virginia boasts the third largest “Hare scramble Series” in the United States.  Visit www.vchss.org and www.vxcs.org.  Some of the best riders in the world participate in these events (Charlie Mullins, Brad Bakken, and Steve Edmonson). I am very new to these Hare scrambles, we participated in one last year thanks to Travis’s encouragement (my very first Hare scramble was an event he put together at Burning Rock), but it was easy to see there is product demand for what Travis is trying to accomplish. As an example of this, I just recently joined another club that requires me to participate as an event worker for the Hare scramble they sponsor.

Finally, Travis represents West Virginia in a positive manner.  His desire to improve the economics and culture for West Virginia is heard in almost every conversation you have with him.  Combine that with vast experience in almost every aspect of the sport, his hospitality skills, and the demand for his product, it is clear that Travis will make his dream a success.


William Lindner
President (North Anna Dirt Slingers