Kick off your fall riding season with a bang at Mt. Moto!

September always sends us nice little hints about what’s coming.  We will have shorter days, and noticeably cooler nights.  A big rain or two.  Yes, the second “sweet and juicy” portion of the riding season will soon be here! 

The dark and tacky dirt of spring is hard to beat, but we’ll have to wait a while for those conditions.  And with it being mid-summer already, most riders are looking forward to less dust and heat.  We are so ready for the other “favorite time of year” to ride….mid-September to mid-December!

Help us ring in the 2016 fall riding season with a bang!!!  Our good friends at Poisk Adventures are coming back with Australian Tim Coleman for the Freeriding with Tim Coleman event. Tim is one of the top trials riders in Australia, and along with a handful of other world class trials riders, he applies many of the same techniques to his enduro bike.  If you have never witnessed this in person, prepare to be humbled.  It is truly amazing to see a dirt bike being ridden like that, and proves what our bikes are capable of.

As our guest, you will have the option of participating in an intense 2 day training academy with Tim, where you will learn several low speed techniques in difficult terrain, and more.  Whether you are a racer or casual trail rider, learning these techniques will make you more efficient, more skilled, safer, and BETTER.

If the school is not for you, but you still want to come and ride, then come on!  Enjoy 2 days of epic self-paced freeriding on single track, dual sport, or ADV loops.  Enjoy lively bonfires, good friends, and a cozy camp.

This is going to be a really good weekend of motorcycles, regardless of what you ride or how you ride it.  Come and learn some new skills from The Wizard of Oz, or just spend a weekend trail riding with friends.  Don’t miss the 2016 Free Riding with Tim Coleman Event on September 17-18.  We hope you will join Poisk Adventures and the crew at Mt. Motorcycles as we ride into fall!!!

The TC Trail Rider Pass includes:

(1) Mt. Moto 2016 Silver membership

(2) days of self-paced riding on challenging trail

(2) nights camping.  Friday and Saturday

(1) Admission to TC Trickz Exhibition Saturday Evening

$75 per rider + tax/fees ($100 value)

Limited availability

To register, go to the Ride Calendar and sign up.

For more information, just send us an email.

Riders interested in training with Tim Coleman can visit for information about the school.