Learn extreme enduro techniques from Graham Jarvis

You CAN learn those techniques here at Mt. Moto, as you train with HARD ENDURO legend Graham Jarvis!

Racer or not, if you’re an off-road junkie (like us) then you are serious about becoming a better rider.  Becoming a highly skilled rider has nothing to do with bravery, or how long you have been riding…or how fast you are willing to go within your current comfort zone.  Becoming a solid and versatile off-road rider/racer is all about leaving your comfort zone to achieve better understanding and technique!

Understanding how to read the terrain and apply the appropriate technique. Understanding traction, and the physics behind it.  Understanding why you have traction or why you don’t.  Understanding how to set up all the systems of your bike for optimal performance…and how they must work together in unison to make traction.  Understanding that your body is one of these systems.  Understanding how to manipulate the suspension, clutch, throttle, and your body weight simultaneously to achieve control and mastery. Understanding the true limits of your machine and yourself.  These are all crucial things to understand!

The best way for any woods rider to become stronger, smoother, safer, and FASTER in ALL terrain is to first LEARN how to go slow with CONTROL.  As Graham often says, “Going fast is easy. Going slow is the hard part.”

Once the techniques of riding slow are mastered, everything else will come.  If more speed is what you’re looking for, you will have the additional skills to drastically shave lap times.  That log or rock section that kicks your butt every lap?  Forget about it.

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